KEM: A History of Quality

Since 1978

Brian & Kenneth McCartney Brian P. & Kenneth A. McCartney

The full service civil engineering and surveying firm of K. E. McCartney and Associates, Inc. (KEM) not only deals with the design, construction and maintenance of a community's physical and naturally built environment, its employees also help build the community itself, investing time, money and talent in the neighborhoods in which they work.

"KEM has always strived to be a positive, contributing member of the communities we work in," President Brian McCartney says in his firm's mission statement. "While we continually upgrade equipment and train personnel to stay state-of-the-art in our field, we also remain at the forefront in community service, contributing to a host of service/ nonprofit organizations and working to protect our children's future and the environment through green design concepts."

Kenneth E. McCartney founded KEM in 1978 after serving more than thirty years as an Army engineer, a field engineer, a highway engineer and a partner in the firms of Parrett & McCartney and Richland Engineering. He remained at KEM's helm until his death in 1994, at which time his sons-Brian P. McCartney, P.E., P.S. and Kenneth A. McCartney, P.S.-accepted the charge. For the last decade plus, these two brothers have guided the firm through a period of substantial change by increasing both company revenue and services. The duo's sister, Val Durbin, has served as the firm's accounting manager since its inception.

In total, KEM today employs forty-one people. The average length of service at the company is eighteen years with dedicated employees such as senior vice president James D. Mawhorr, P.E., P.S. who contributes greatly to the firm's continued growth and success.

KEM provides its clients with quality services, with a key part of the operating philosophy being clear communication. We want to make sure that each client understands the services we are providing, the time it will take to complete and the fees associated with the effort. Should any of these items change during the course of plan development it is equally important to inform the client as to why the change has taken place and how it will effect the project, in a concise and timely manner. It is this philosophy of taking care of our clients, providing clear communications and supplying quality engineering and surveying services, that has made KEM the successful firm it is today.

KEM Principals

Brian P. McCartney,
P.E., P.S.

Kenneth A. McCartney,

James D. Mawhorr,
P.E., P.S.
Senior Vice President

Matt Witter,
Services Manager

Mark W. Rufener,
General Civil Services

Brian Sarratore
Construction Services Manager

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