KEM Quality

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"In an industry full of perfectionists, why does
there seem to be so many quality problems?"

KEM has established a quality-assurance program to ensure that we provide the most accurate plans possible. Senior KEM personnel and construction staff complete constructibility reviews. Which benefit the owner in both the quality of the construction project and cost containment practices. In addition, all of our design personnel have on-site experience with construction projects through previous work as inspectors or periodic construction observation.

KEM further establishes quality control through project goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, result oriented and timely. Therefore we have a quantitative definition of quality for the project and can gauge the level of success at completion.

It is equally important that we understand the clients' expectations and align our goals to meet said expectations. We accomplish this through clear and concise communications, which is a key component to KEM's overall quality assurance plan.

KEM Project Managers have weekly meetings to discuss staff utilization, schedules, and project progress along with any issues that require special attention. This along with early coordination and extensive communication makes the plan preparation process efficient and results in a set of documents that reflects not only the intent of the designer but the owner as well.

Airport West Industrial Park - Mansfield, Ohio Airport West Industrial Park - Mansfield, Ohio
"They have proven to be a valuable city resource for turn-key engineering services from preliminary studies to final design, through construction. I would highly recommend them to my colleagues on future engineering projects."
Mr. Tim Theaker - Mayor, City of Mansfield

Our Commitment

K.E. McCartney and Associates, Inc. has always strived to have a positive influence on the communities we work in. While KEM continually upgrades equipment and trains personnel to reflect state-of-the-art in civil engineering disciplines, we also remain at the forefront in community service. KEM contributes a generous amount of time and money to a host of service organizations and works to protect the environment through sensitive design concepts. KEM is committed to helping make this world a better and safer place to raise our children.

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