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This MuniLogic provides the ability to control how the program works best for you. The Administration Tool acts as the main configuration interface to control everything from how documents are handled to when licenses expire. There are many items which can be configured, including;

A Sampling of Capabilities from the Administration Module:

  • Where documents are stored and the default categories by module.
  • How asset numbers are displayed. For instance, you may want all sanitary manholes to start or end with "MH". (ie: MH-564 or 564-MH)
  • Configure the anticipated useful life of assets by asset type. Set the default depreciation parameters, values, methods, deflators, and more.
  • Ability to control lookup values for all pull down fields and ability to manage user fields.
  • Ability to configure notifications and status reports for just about any activity performed within MuniLogic. (ie: Provide a status report whenever a work order is closed. Or, Provide a notificaiton whenever an inspection is due)
  • Establish your entire fee schedule, with advanced calculations, so MuniLogic can calcuate all fees with accuracy. Don't type fees, select them from a list.
  • Set user security on a per module basis. Choose from various privilege levels, including None, Read-Only, Edit, and Administrator.
  • And much, much, more...

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