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Store, sort, and search documents associated with any MuniLogic module. A check-in/check-out function helps ensure security and version control, while linking and querying capabilities enable users to locate documents by department, asset, date, document type, and more.

Capabilities of the Document Module:

  • Manage any type of document. Including audio files and video.
  • Organize documents by category. Ability to create any category and/or subcategory within a Windows® folder type environment. Ability to move/copy files between categories.
  • View any file with a click of a button.
  • Built-in document security with sign-in/out controls to ensure exclusivity of document revisions.
  • Link documents to any asset within MuniLogic. Link all pertinent documents to it's individual asset.
  • Full search capabilities to make document retrieval easy.
  • Import and manage multiple documents at one time.
  • Documents are stored outside the MuniLogic database to make backing-up documents a snap.

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