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Enjoy robust GIS capabilities that link assets to the relevant records in the other MuniLogic modules. Because MuniLogic integrates this functionality, there's no need to buy, maintain, or use a separate GIS system. The mapping module is provided within a hosted environment which requires a high-speed internet connection.

Capabilities of the Mapping Module:

  • Control layer functionality, including; turning on/off, changing layer name, grouping, priority, color, symbol, and style.
  • Full navigation features; including zoom in/out, pan, scale, etc.
  • Ability to retrieve and view information contained within the map layers.
  • Ability to spatially select features based upon other layers. (ie: Display all properties within a flood plain)
  • Ability to perform a radius selection for construction or other activities. (ie: Display all properties within 500')
  • Ability to add graphics to the map in the form of lines, text, polygons, etc.
  • Ability to produce output maps in various sizes based upon scale or the current view.
  • Produce PDF files from output maps.
  • View all documents linked to a mapped asset with a click of a button.
  • Ability to display layers by characteristics. (ie: Color-code water mains by size)
  • Label features by information contained within the layers. (ie: Label tax parcel numbers on the map just by clicking on the desired parcel)
  • MuniLogic supports images (TIF, SID, etc. ) to display digital orthophotography.
  • Send queries to specific modules for viewing and vice-versa.
  • MuniLogic's mapping supports data within a state plane coordinate system so all data is true to scale. Use the measure and area tools to obtain real-world measurements. Use the coordinate tool to obtain a real-world coordinate.

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