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MuniLogic features a robust reporting engine, built around Crystal Reports® to provide virtually any report type desired. Custom reports are a part of a typical implementation which are produced by MuniLogic and inserted into the system. All reports include your custom header so all output is specific to your organization. This helps to reduce printing costs by reducing the reliance on letterhead, carbon, etc.

Capabilities of the Reporting Module:

  • Filter any report based upon a date range. (e.g.: Find all properties sold in 2007)
  • Sort reports by virtually any field.
  • Filter reports by selected criteria without even performing a search. (e.g.: Find all complaints made by Mary Jones to the Health Department)
  • Preview all reports prior to printing.
  • Export reports to multiple formats; PDF, Word, Excel, etc.
  • Export to Excel with either formatting intact or just the raw data. This makes using the data contained within MuniLogic a snap.
  • No laptops? Print blank reports for field completion.
  • Use multiple report headers for different departments. If some of your departments use different phone numbers or logos, you can setup multiple headers to use on demand.

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