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MuniLogic's™ Customer Module tracks all requests for service and complaints..

Track all activity, including:

  • Requests
  • Customers
  • Details
  • Notes
  • Fees
  • ... and more.

Requests come from many different sources and may require a multitude of actions prior to a successful resolution. MuniLogic™ will improve customer service by providing a mechanism for tracking the activity and status of each request. Requests handled by MuniLogic™ can morph into code violations and work orders, or just provide a resource to track request history. Requests can also be forwarded from the receptionist to an appropriate employee for resolution.

  • Log the nature, originator and the subject property of each request.
  • Automatically generate a form letter to provide customer feedback.
  • Automatically turn requests into code violations or fixed asset work orders. All the while maintaining the relationship to the original request.
  • Maintain an unlimited amount of notes about the request.
  • Maintain all photos, reports or other documents directly on the request.

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