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MuniLogic's™ Storm Module manages your entire storm sewer infrastructure.

Inventory and track all of your storm assets, including:

  • inlets
  • Basins
  • Mains
  • Channels
  • Endwalls
  • ... and more.

Knowing what is flowing into our streams in not only responsible, but required by law. Compliance is made easier with MuniLogic™ by tracking the monitoring, inspection and maintenance activity performed on your infrastructure. Enhance your system management by integrating GIS mapping, document management, and creating relationships with your other geographic data.

  • Quickly identify the age and condition of assets.
  • Log all water screening/sampling performed as part of the NPDES requirements.
  • Maintain a complete history of all inspection and maintenance activities.
  • Create work orders with full assignment and scheduling to crews.
  • Maintain asset value using various methods for GASB34 reporting.
  • All assets are linked to other MuniLogic™ modules for Mapping, Reporting, and Documents.

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