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MuniLogic™ makes the billing and collection of real estate and other taxes efficient and effortless. With the Tax Module, you have a tremendous amount of fexibility to produce billing for multiple tax types; from real estate to school taxes. This module will transform the way you produce billing and track the resulting transactions. The benefits will translate into quicker and more accurate deposits, resulting in increased revenue and higher confidence.

  • Create invoices for your entire database for printing, saving to PDF and emailing.
  • Create multiple custom tax types and fields for ultimate control over your data.
  • Include municipal services within your billing, such as; waste removal and water usage.
  • Perform installment billing.
  • All accounts are organized by tax year and MuniLogic provides a complete at-a-glance history of all activity.
  • Establish discount and penalty rates and dates.
  • Efficient multiple transaction entry functions which automatically identify underpayments and overpayments.
  • Track liens. The system will check for outstanding liens before issuing permits, etc.
  • Create and post batches.
  • Retrieve transactions from a bank lock box and send transactions to the general ledger of a third party financial program.

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