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MuniLogic's™ Zoning Module manages the entire zoning appeal process.

Track all activity, including:

  • Applications
  • Jurisdictions
  • Hearings
  • Reviews
  • Critical Dates
  • ... and more.

The zoning appeal process can be a complicated procedure with several jurisdictions having responsibility. MuniLogic™ solves the complexity of this process by managing all activity in one location and by providing notifications of upcoming events. The status of each zoning appeal is at your fingertips along with all notes, conditions of approval, activity, reviews, documents, fees and escrows.

  • Automatically determine jurisdiction by the purpose of the application.
  • Automatically configure the number of days required for hearings and decisions.
  • Track and distribute all reviews electronically; including pertinent documents.
  • Create extensions and continuation of hearings for an appeal.
  • Log all fees and escrows required; taken directly from your fee schedule.
  • Customizable activity checklist.

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