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MuniLogic: Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

If you have a unique environment that requires a custom solution or a third party software that will require an interface, our Custom Development services have you covered. We understand that some existing systems cannot be replaced. At MuniLogic, we provide the flexibility that many other systems do not offer. We are more than willing to integrate MuniLogic into any existing environment.

We have produced many custom interfaces to third party accounting programs, document management systems and other mapping products. We are willing to create the interface you require. Whether it's sending or receiving data, most of our interfaces are virtually seamless to the end user and all they know is... "it works".

We provide additional flexibility by building on top of our existing MuniLogic product. If you have a special requirement, we can customize your implementation by adding functionality that does not normally exist within the product. There isn't anything we can't handle. We perform the design based upon your requirements, present the design for your review, augment the design based upon your analysis, produce the modifications, test the modifications and then publish the additional functionality to your site.

If you dream it... we will build it.

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