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MuniLogic: Implementation


We make every effort to ensure a smooth transition to MuniLogic. We understand that change is sometimes difficult, but we help your users overcome this with a clear understanding of how your business processes have changed for the better.

Our implementation services start with an initial meeting with all stakeholders. Collectively, we determine the goals and objectives for system implementation and gain an understanding of the data being used. We establish a project schedule and set target training dates. Depending upon the evolution of technology within an organization, sometimes a Needs Assessment is required to help establish desired goals and objectives.

We then start with the Data Conversion process; importing property information and converting all historical data necessary. We then produce the mapping which is typically derived from existing GIS sources. MuniLogic personnel can assist if new GIS Mapping development is required.

We provide full-service implementation services. We can either work with your existing Information Technology (IT) provider or we can specify, install and configure all infrastructure components necessary to operate the system effectively.

Implementation Scenario
MuniLogic is a web-based solution accessible from many different locations; such as, a main office, remote facilities or field laptops. Generally, the MuniLogic database resides on your server. So as long as your employees can access your server, they can securely access MuniLogic and make contributions in real-time.

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