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MuniLogic: Mapping


We have been providing Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping services for more than 20 years. We have created municipal GIS data sets from the ground up and have mapped about every municipal asset imaginable.

We can maintain your existing GIS data. Whether its new parcels for new subdivisions or updates to your sanitary sewer for new installations, our Mapping services hit the mark. We have many clients who perform updates on a regular schedule or we can perform this maintenance for you on an as needed basis.

If you have no existing mapping data or are in need of some new layers, we have you covered. We can produce new layers from any existing source. We have produced utility systems from paper as-built plans and planimetric data from aerial imagery. All data produced is of high quality and spatially accurate. We have a seven point quality assurance and quality control program that all data is measured against.

We also have extensive Global Positioning System (GPS) collection experience. If you are looking to increase accuracy of existing information or are just starting from scratch, give us a call. We can provide training and guidance to your personnel or complete the entire project. We can collect the GPS locations, document necessary attributes and take photos of your infrastructure for one comprehensive package.

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