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Needs Assessment

We take a personal approach when training our customers. We want our users to be successful, and as a result, we take the time to make sure knowledge retention is high. We always recommend that training occur at your location, using your data. We establish a separate training database which is used during our training sessions. This training database can be used without the fear of manipulating real data.

Often a needs assessment can identify data that is being managed in two different departments; creating redundancy and unsynchronized data sets. In addition, it can identify multiple fragmented software programs that cannot communicate and share data. This often leads to the elimination of one or more software programs; ultimately saving an organization money in annual maintenance fees.

A needs assessment includes interviewing various department personnel, inventorying hardware and software, evaluating current business processes and then making recommendations on how data can be better managed, what new data needs to be produced, and what process changes are necessary to solve current inefficiencies.

A typical needs assessment may include:

  • Existing Hardware Inventory
  • Existing Software Inventory
  • Department Assessments
  • Existing Data Analysis
  • Business Process Analysis
  • Mapping Data Integration
  • Other Data (Textual/Documents) Integration
  • Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Feature Requirements/Recommendations
  • Proposed System Design

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