Bascom Wastewater General Plan

Bascom Wastewater General Plan

Client: Seneca County Commissioners
Location: Seneca County, Ohio

Bascom is a small hamlet in Hopewell Township, Seneca County, Ohio with a population of approximately 348 residents. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has determined that Bascom is served by inadequate or failing on-site sewage treatment systems that discharge untreated or partially treated sewage to the roadside ditches and the storm water system. The Seneca County Commissioners are presently under Findings and Orders' as directed by the Ohio EPA to complete and implement a general plan for sewage improvements to abate pollution and correct the unsanitary conditions in the Bascom area. The Seneca County Commissioners contracted with K.E. McCartney & Associates, Inc. (KEM) to prepare an engineering study evaluating alternative wastewater collection and treatment systems to serve Bascom, including cost estimates, present worth values, and possible funding sources.

Alternative Collection Systems evaluated:

  • Low Pressure Sewer System (LPSS)
  • Conventional Gravity Collection System

Alternative Wastewater Treatment Plant Systems evaluated:

  • Precast Package Plant
  • Oxidation Ditch Plant
  • Aerated Lagoon Plant
  • Aerated Lagoon Plant with Subsurface Drip Irrigation System
  • Controlled Discharge Lagoon Plant
  • Regional Treatment at the City of Tiffin via a Sanitary Pump Station and Forcemain

Capital costs and operation and maintenance costs were estimated for all the alternatives. From these values a total present worth value was prepared and a comparison was made of the various options. The recommended alternative was a combination of the conventional gravity collection system and the package wastewater treatment plant.

After reviewing the General Plan and meeting with KEM to discuss the plan, the County and the Bascom Advisory Committee were in agreement with the recommended alternative. The Bascom Wastewater General Plan was recently reviewed and approved by Ohio EPA in Bowling Green. KEM is currently preparing design drawings and specifications for an OEPA Permit to Install. Construction of the project is forthcoming.

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