Cardington Wastewater Treatment Plant Evaluation

Cardington Wastewater Treatment Plant Evaluation

Client: Village of Cardington
Location: Morrow County, Ohio

The Village of Cardington is located in the southwest section of Morrow County. A facility plan was prepared for the Village's existing were noted WWTP. Several improvements are needed to enhance the treatment performance of the plant and to deal with peak wet weather flow rates due to excessive inflow and infiltration in the collection system, including a chemical feed system to meet new stringent effluent limits for phosphorus removal which are required by the renewed NPDES permit. The proposed plant improvements currently scheduled are as follows:

  • Head works screening located at the grit removal building
    to prevent rags from clogging the activated sludge systems.
  • Flow splitting facility for clarifiers including new (larger)
    piping between the aeration tanks and the clarifiers. The flow
    splitting facility will help control and equalize flow to both of
    the existing clarifiers.
  • Secondary clarifier repairs and up grades including new
    stamford baffles and still wells which will prevent solids from
    escaping the clarifiers during high hydraulic flows.
  • New Influent Pumps with VFDs for better control and regulation
    of the wastewater flow through the treatment plant.

Total estimated project cost is: $ 1,000,000.

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