District #2 Relief Sewer

Bascom Wastewater General Plan

Client: City of Elyria, Ohio
Location: Abbe Road

The City of Elyria hired K.E. McCartney & Associates to study and design a sanitary relief sewer (indicated as "District #2" per their facility plan). Preliminary design was a 9000 linear foot replacement completed with river siphon and multiple easements at a cost of $2,000,000. The purpose of the project was three fold; (1) to eliminate overflow of the existing sanitary sewer to the east branch of the Black River, (2) to minimize basement flooding within the area, and (3) to provide capacity for future development of the South College area.

Preliminary project concerns of City officials were: environmental impact (a siphon crossing of the Black River), traffic impact (Abbe Road is a major north-south artery between the Ohio Turnpike and Lorain County Community College), aesthetics (the residential, landscaped neighborhoods would be extremely impacted by trenching and easement clearing) and project cost.

In consideration of the above concerns our design team working closely with the City Engineer on the following work items:

  • Infiltration/Inflow Analysis - Consisting of four (4) gauge stations
    with ultrasonic metering and rain gauge recording.
  • Neighborhood meeting on basement flooding - 800 flyers were hand
    delivered to members of the community. Location and severity of
    problem identified.
  • Alternative Analysis - Three alternatives presented with a recommendation
    based on feasibility, environmental assessment and cost analysis.

Upon review and approval of the recommended alternative, the City directed KEM to prepare detailed plans, specification and bid documents as follows:

  • 3,000 linear foot sanitary relief sewer parallel to the existing Abbe
    Road Sewer to collect surcharge wet weather inflow.
  • 270,000 gallon concrete, below ground, retention storage basin.
  • 1,500 g.p.m. sanitary pump station.
  • 150 KW Standby Power Generator with fuel storage and ventilation
    blower inside a 300 sq. ft. block structure.
  • Engineers Estimate of construction cost: $1,000,000.

Construction was completed on time and within budget. By incorporating on site retention storage the City was able to avoid a lengthy dual barrel siphon crossing the Black River, shorten the length of the total project, minimize environmental impacts and reduce peak wet weather inflow to the City wastewater treatment facilities.

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