Elyria Industrial Parkway

Elyria Industrial Parkway

Client: City of Elyria
Location: Elyria, Ohio

Services Provided:

  • Construction Administration
  • Construction Inspection

KEM provided construction management and inspection services for the 1.9-mile construction of a new four lane concrete roadway on the west side of Elyria. This $5,000,000 Local Let Project included over 55,000 square yards of nine inch reinforced concrete pavement, 454 feet of 8'x4' reinforced concrete box culvert, three signalized intersections, and the relocation of a bike trail. Construction began in March 2004 and the roadway was opened to traffic in August 2005.

The project included provisions to undercut unstable subgrade and replaced with suitable material. KEM monitored embankment construction and utilized geotextile fabric in selected areas to provide a stable subgrade. The reinforced concrete pavement was slipformed in two lane widths over an aggregate base. KEM monitored the concrete placement and provided quality assurance testing to assure compliance with specifications.

KEM conducted monthly progress meetings, coordinated utility relocation activity, approved material submittals, and informed the City of project activities. KEM provided daily construction inspection services to assure compliance with plans and contract requirements. KEM inspectors have extensive experience with ODOT specifications and contract requirements. Written logs of project activity, and verification of completed quantities were performed on a daily basis. Pay requests were reviewed and approved in the field prior to submittal for payment. The project included a DBE goal of 10% for construction work. KEM monitored subcontractor work efforts and documented compliance with the DBE requirements. The project was completed on time and within the allocated budget.

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