Middle Bellville Road Improvements

First Roundabout in Richland County, Ohio

Client: City of Mansfield
Location: Mansfield, Ohio

KEM designed the Middle Bellville Road Improvements for the City of Mansfield which is a 4.4 million dollar project. Underground Utilities, Inc. from Monroeville, Ohio is the contractor and they began construction in April 2012. This project has many significant safety improvements including sight distance improvements, intersection improvements, signal upgrades, and a modern roundabout at Straub Rd.

The recently completed roundabout is the first in Richland County history and first of its type in ODOT District 3. Aesthetics were taken into account during design and includes stamped concrete, infield landscaping, and green space in the outside quadrants. Construction of the roundabout took about 30 days with traffic being detoured. Since its opening in early July, there have many positive comments received by users and KEM is proud to be part of this historic Richland County infrastructure improvement.

Mythbusters test which is more efficient, 4 way stop or roundabout.

In the US, the four-way-stop intersection is very familiar, with little competition from roundabouts. In Europe, things are reversed, the roundabout is much more common than four-way-stop intersections. While it has been said before that the roundabout is a more efficient way to handle traffic at a busy intersection, Mythbusters puts them to the test.

Middle Bellville Road Improvements, Project Photos:

Middle Bellville Road Improvements First Roundabout in Richland County, Ohio

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