Shenandoah On-Lot Septic System Replacement

Shenandoah On-Lot Septic System Replacement

Client: Richland County Commissioners
Location: Bloomingrove Township, Ohio

The Richland County Commissioners contracted with K.E. McCartney & Associates, Inc. (KEM) to provide professional engineering services to construct wastewater treatment and collection facilities for Shenandoah, an unincorporated hamlet of northern Richland County. The community consists of 35 residences, a Church, a General Store and a community center.

In April 1999, a preliminary engineering study was prepared by KEM for the Richland County Commissioners to study alternatives to meet the wastewater needs at the unincorporated Hamlet of Shenandoah. KEM took an "out-of-the-box" approach to the study due to the high cost associated with treating so few households. Every possible treatment alternative was considered along with a cost analysis for each, with special attention paid to innovative designs that would ultimately help acquire additional grant funding. The goal of the project was to construct a sanitary collection/treatment system, at an affordable user cost.

The collection system design consisted of combination low-pressure sanitary sewers (grinder pumps) and conventional gravity sewers. The LPSS system discharges to a gravity sewer system which outlets at the wastewater treatment facility.

Wastewater treatment is achieved on-site at the State of Ohio's first residential community decentralized wastewater system. The treatment consists of primary settling tanks followed by peat biofilters and elevated sand mounds. Both the collection sewers and the treatment system are owned and maintained by the Richland County Wastewater Department.

The biofilters are Puraflo® Peat Biofilters as manufactured by Bord na Móna Environmental Products. The biofilters are arranged in three separate banks of 18 units each. Filtered water is dosed to 5~400 ft. long sand mounds. Construction was completed in late 2007 at a cost of $1,400,000. Sixty-five percent of the project cost was paid by state CDBG, OPWC, and OWDA grants.

Due to the combined team effort of KEM, Richland County Commissioners, the Ohio EPA, The Ohio Department of Health and Ohio RCAP, the residences of Shenandoah will be provided wastewater collection and treatment at a reasonable cost to each user.

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