Southeast Interceptor Sewer

Bascom Wastewater General Plan

Client: City of Elyria, Ohio
Location: Elyria, Ohio

The City of Elyria contracted K.E. McCartney & Associates to provide professional engineering services for their Southeast Interceptor Sewer project. The interceptor construction was the first phase of a three-phase program of improvements as recommended by the Elyria Facility Plan. The project design included 18,000 linear feet of 36-inch sanitary sewer, 2 sanitary lift stations and 2 critical crossings of the Black River. The project cost was $5,500,000.

Services provided by KEM included:

  • Preliminary Engineering Study - service area map, general alignment
    maps, alternative analysis, environmental assessment (identification and
    evaluation of potential hazardous materials with preliminary screening,
    phase I. and II.
  • Detailed design plans, specifications, bid documents and cost estimates.
  • Preparation of easements and application forms for EPA permits, stormwater
    NOI, river crossing permits, and a wetland permit.

Sequence of services were as follows:

  • Survey team provided bench circuit along alignment and provided data
    throughout the service area.
  • Aerial control consisting of painted targets with vertical data provided for
    50 scale, 1 foot contour digital topographic mapping by subconsultant.
  • Soil Boring Staking with vertical data provided at 300 foot spacing for
    environmental assessment and subsurface investigation.

Preliminary feasibility study was completed and a detailed Engineering Report was submitted and reviewed with the City Officials. Based on the findings and recommendation of KEM the City gave authorization to proceed with final design of the interceptor. The general alignment being a combination of two of the studied alternatives carefully placed to avoid environmental "hot spots" and minimize construction related difficulties.

Design tools used by the Engineering team were:

  • Preliminary design of service area including land use, wastewater flowrates,
    lift station sizing, sewer sizing and alignment profile by computer model - E.D.S. Hydrology.
  • Detailed design - Design modeling and computer drafting was done with
    Auto Cadd and Eagle Point Engineering Software.

Final design plans, specifications, easement materials and review data forms were then submitted. By closely working with the City Engineer and using up to date computer modeling we were able to easily revise the project design, as needed for right of way and or environmental considerations. All KEM services were completed within the cost and time schedule stipulated in our agreement.

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