Construction Administration

Elyria Industrial Parkway - Elyria, Ohio

Many public agencies have worked hard to reduce operational budgets through reduced staff. Unfortunately, the work load has not decreased at the same time. In fact with LPA projects now a factor many public agencies have seen increased work loads. Hiring KEM to handle your construction needs will help address short term personnel shortages and at the same time ensure that construction will be administered by a highly qualified team of engineers, surveyors and inspectors.

The KEM staff has vast experience administrating and inspecting construction projects for state, local and private agencies. KEM provides quality construction management services which helps to ensure that our client's projects are completed on time and within budget. Also it is imperative that construction follows the designer's objectives as specified in the contract documents. A thorough constructability review of the contract documents, prior to bidding, provides an invaluable benefit for the owner. KEM's extensive experience helps to identify and resolve construction issues which in turn protects the owner from unwarranted claims and avoids costly change orders and delays to the project schedule.

KEM understands the importance of keeping a project within budget without compromising project goals. KEM can provide the entire package of construction services from bid document preparation to final acceptance and project close out.Stumbo Road Extension

"I have found that KEM is characterized as a firm which completes their work accurately, on time and within budget expectation."
-Ken Carney, P.E., P.S.; Lorain County Engineer

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