Right of Way Planning & Right of Way Acquisition

Middle Bellville Rd. - Mansfield, Ohio

Public and private sector projects often require the acquisition of property which may include warranty deed takes, various types of easements, temporary right of way and/or work agreements. If not done properly, a project's budget can balloon and costly delays may be experienced during the acquisition phase. KEM plans for anticipated right of way needs at the very outset of a project which results in a systematic process that allows the entire production schedule to move swiftly toward construction. Therefore, unnecessary costs are avoided and delays minimized. We also work hard to minimize the stress caused by public works projects upon persons required to sell their property or relocate for the benefit of the public. This is accomplished by making sure they have a clear understanding of the project, how it affects their property, and why it is needed. It is also imperative to offer a fair price for the land being acquired.

The KEM staff is well versed in the federal requirements of the Uniform Relocation and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act when federal dollars are involved, as well as other federal and state policies and procedures.

The KEM acquisition team has many years of ODOT Real Estate experience along with a track record of keeping both small and large projects on schedule and within budget.

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