Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES)

Flow Monitoring Equipment Flow Monitoring Equipment

A Sewer System Evaluation Survey (SSES) provides for the investigation of an existing sewer system. Services associated with this work may include surveying and mapping, flow monitoring, system modeling, televising and smoke and dye testing. Whether the purpose of the SSES is to perform a capacity analysis for expansion of the service area or to perform an Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) study to locate and reduce storm water entering the sanitary sewer system, KEM has the experience to complete the project. Following is a sample of the SSES services that KEM provides:

Flow Monitoring
The first step in any successful SSES is to perform flow monitoring. This flow data can be utilized to either determine if there is sufficient capacity for service expansion or to identify areas with high levels of I/I. For an I/I study the flow data can pinpoint the areas with the highest levels of I/I so that more precise field testing can be performed to identify specific locations of storm water intrusion. This approach leads to reduced costs and a more effective remediation plan. KEM provides the equipment necessary to perform flow monitoring along with the associated data analysis required to meet the goals of any SSES study.

KEM provides full Closed-Circuit Televising (CCTV) sewer services.

Smoke and Dye Testing
Smoke and dye testing is utilized to identify specific locations where storm water is entering the sanitary sewer. KEM has the equipment necessary to perform smoke testing to identify locations of inflow into a sanitary sewer such as downspouts, catch basins, and yard drains. Said storm connections are documented for removal during testing utilizing GPS survey equipment and displayed utilizing GIS mapping. KEM field crews also provide dye testing to locate inflow and infiltration sources.

CIPP Rehabilitation for the Lorain County Sewer Rehabilitation Project CIPP Rehabilitation for the Lorain County Sewer Rehabilitation Project

SewerGEMS Sanitary Sewer Modeling
KEM utilizes SewerGEMS software to model both existing and proposed sanitary sewers. Flow monitoring and rainfall data is utilized to calibrate the model prior to input of a design storm. By developing a model of the system, proposed sewers can be modeled prior to design and construction to ensure that they have adequate capacity to handle elevated flows.

I/I Rehabilitation Projects
Based on results from the flow monitoring, smoke testing, dye testing, and CCTV data, KEM will develop a plan to remediate the I/I sources found. KEM has extensive experience in designing CIPP lining, mainline joint grouting, manhole rehabilitation, lateral rehabilitation and infrastructure replacement.

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