Surveying Services

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KEM's commitment to accurate plans, timely project development, and cost control for our clients begins with the Survey Department. Effective design depends upon the accuracy and attention to detail provided by KEM survey crews.

KEM's survey crews and technical personnel are equipped with the latest in surveying instrumentation and support vehicles. They are versed in Global Position System (GPS) Technology and the many applications this system offers, including GIS modeling. KEM survey personnel work closely with the design staff and Cadd Technicians to ensure that the plans accurately reflect field conditions. Plan checking in the field by survey personnel is a key element in quality control and is completed on every project designed by KEM.

Utility Coordination Services

A vital part of successful plan development for all KEM projects is utility coordination. Designers must know with certainty the locations of utilities so as to minimize conflicts and the associated costs which can balloon out of control if not properly handled. KEM initially contacts OUPS to have the area for each project field marked and to receive copies of existing plans. This data is then picked up by field personnel and placed on the base mapping by technicians. Once a base map is complete, the data is checked against the existing plans and field checked for accuracy. During design, if conflicts are unavoidable, Utility Relocation Design is implemented and costs determined. KEM can also handle easement acquisition for the utility, if required. By utilizing this systematic approach on every project, utility coordination has become second nature to KEM personnel and major conflicts are avoided whenever possible, saving both time and money for our valued clients.

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