Water & Wastewater

Shenandoah On-Lot Septic System Replacement Shenandoah On-Lot Septic System Replacement
Bloomingrove Township, Ohio

No other area of public works exposes communities more to regulatory oversight and potential litigation than environmental issues. The Clean Water Act of 1972 has dramatically increased water quality standards. Local government is required to comply with environmental law while keeping water and sewer rates affordable for their customers.

KEM faces these challenges every day on behalf of our public and private sector clients. We fully understand how difficult it is to meet the EPA mandates that are encountered by small communities with very few funding options. KEM is a leader in finding solutions to these difficult problems with innovative designs such as peat filter treatment systems that open additional funding resources resulting in a project that can be constructed without placing a major burden on the local agency or their constituents.

KEM realizes that management of water resources presents complex challenges for our valued clients and it is our job to help you meet these challenges. This can be accomplished by helping communities to prioritize improvements, determine feasibility of the improvements, develop an innovative and cost effective solution, and find funding to finance the improvements.

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